Finally, a damier speedy that isn't bleeding! (well, not much anyway)

  1. My husband knew how much I loved my damier that I had to return due to the bleeding lining. So, tonight he bought me another one, which amazingly doesn't transfer color hardly at all. I rubbed really, really hard with a soft white cloth and all I got was a very faint pink spot. I'm keeping this one. I think with regular use, it will be just fine. BTW, the date code on this one is June 06, made in France. I think these problems are hit and miss, unfortunately. Jadore, I'm so sorry about your situation. Maybe LV would let you test the speedys they have in stock, you could find a winner. The first one they brought out to my husband did have the bleeding problem. But he knew what to look for and asked them to bring another one. Gotta love him! The SA had not heard of the problem before today. Go figure! You would think LV would send a memo to the stores since it has been reported. Jeez. I will post pics a little later along with my new DAMIER KOALA AGENDA!!! I think I have created a monster in my husband. He picked himself up an agenda as well. Holy cow, I don't think the bank account is big enough for 2 lv addicts!
  2. Congratulations...:wlae:
  3. Congrats! What a sweet hubby!
  4. congrats..very sweet hubby you have..

    I just changed the stuffer for my damier speedy from red sweater to white shirt instead . I will know in couple of weeks if it bleeds or not.
  5. What a sweetie!
  6. I'm so happy you finally got your non-defective damier speedy 25! What is wrong with LV selling all these defective bags! I hope they replace mine too with a non-defective one. It's too much $ to worry about color transfer all the time. Anyway, Congrats!!
  7. awwww! how sweet!:P
  8. Congrats!
  9. lol ur husband is the sweetest.
  10. I should make a note that this is a different lv than the one I went to 2 weeks ago. Also, I placed a lightweight magazine in the bottom for stability, and the corners of it are slightly pink. I've ordered a purseket already, so it looks like there is a slight dye problem with this one, too, but I'm just going to protect my stuff and keep the bag. At least I can prevent any dye transfer before it happens. Thanks everybody for all the nice comments!:smile:
  11. Congratulations. Sounds like you have a great hubby and a great bag! :smile:
  12. your husband is really nice =D. Congrats!,yes I hope this whole situation about my bag can end soon!.
  13. Congrats on your new bag. Your speedy sounds a lot like mine. Mine is made in France in May 2006. Very little color transfer. I only notice it if I leave a book or magazine in it for a while. I love mine.....
  14. Aww.. that's so sweet of him. And it's even better that he's joined the dark, Vuitton loving side. :graucho:
  15. That's the same time frame as my non-bleeding Speedy - also made in France.

    Does you hubby have a friend? LOL