Finally!! a classic addition to my small collection

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo:it's here!! one of my HG an 03 black first with pewter hardware!! I got it at a good price too! I wanted to share my joy with my TPF friends:love: thanks to all the sweet P'fers who encouraged me to get it!
    DSC00896.JPG DSC00897.JPG DSC00895.JPG
  2. LOVE it, Keodi!!:love: Congrats!:yahoo:
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm still awaiting my first black Balenciaga bag - can't make up my mind - wait for a great classic to come along that I will pay a certain amount for, or just buy a new one?! I really like the older black bags, and YOURS IS PERFECT!
  4. Congrats:yahoo: what a beauty.:drool: Enjoy it.:heart:
  5. Your new addition is a classic stunner. Contrats!!!!
  6. I love it ! congrats !
  7. Beyond Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love::drool::love::love: I know I was one of your enablers so you're welcome!!!:PLOL This is my all time favorite!!! Enjoy her!!!!!!!:heart:
  8. It's really amazing how brand spankin' new a 2003 bag can look! Wow, it's so nice. congrats!
  9. wow what a classic:supacool:
  10. congrats! love it to pieces. who doesn't love this classic?
  11. gorgeous!! i love pewter hw.
  12. Thanks guys actually it's in excellent condition! I don't think it was used a lot.:smile:
  13. What a stunner!! for such a small bag it really packs a punch. Its really pretty with the contrasting hardware against the black.
  14. I love it! It's absolutely fabulous. Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous congrats!