Finally....a Chanel Bag

  1. Hi All...

    I am just so so so happy to receive my first ever Chanel bag on 12/11/2007. A very good buy from eBay at US1180. Singapore boutique just increased their price for a Chanel Caviar East West Flap from $2570 to S$2980.00. So I have save $1000....

    Can't wait to use it...:yahoo:
  2. congragts.. welcome to the dark side
  3. pretty..Congrats
  4. Congrats, don't forget to post pictures.
  5. purdy!
    Congrats :yahoo:
  6. good for you! can't wait to see it!:yes:
  7. nice bag.
  8. Congrats Bemavis! Your East/West is beautiful...
  9. Congrats and Enjoy! Can't wait to see some modeling pics too.:p
  10. Congrats...So exciting. I just got my first too! We are hangin with the Big Dawgs now...:supacool:hehehehe
  11. Congratulations:yahoo:

    Enjoy your lovely black e/w:smile:
  12. What a great bag, congrats!
  13. Congrats, I have the same one, yay!
  14. congrats!!
  15. I have the same one & love it! In fact, I'll be wearing it tonight at a cocktail party! :yes: