Finally! ~a belated reveal~

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  1. Hi ladies!
    This was suppose to be a Valentine reveal but I was so swamped… that I only manage to do my reveal today :biggrin:
    For your information, I have had a major crush on a pink jumbo flap for like a long… long… long time :biggrin: but never got lucky enough to cross path with one, until recently!
    Finally, I manage to get my hands on one, so super lovely... patent pink jumbo with SHW!!! …. my thanks go to my dearest TPF friend Pamela, who has made it possible! ;)
    Really wanted to share with you girls on my addition to my Chanel family!
    p/s: took pics with my beloved baby girl, Azalia the Sphynx! She helped me with mod shots today! :lol:

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  2. Lovely color! Enjoy your new bag.
  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. This pink is so nice in patent. Congrats on finding this, I'm sure it'll bring you lots of joy and good use.
  4. Wow lovely bag! Congrats
  5. It's so beautiful and shiny!!!!

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  6. That's a deliciously gorgeous bag! Enjoy!!!
  7. Amazing!!! What a stunning color!
  8. I am seeing pink everywhere this year with Chanel and Hermes. Congrats on the great color!
  9. Congrats!! Very nice shade of pink! :heart::heart::heart:
  10. Congrats & enjoy your new bag!
  11. Very beautiful ! She is so lovely and just look at the photos made me smile! Congrats and enjoy in good health!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. What a beautiful shade of pink, congrats!!:smile:
  14. Congratulations! The pink is so pretty!
  15. Gorgeous shade of pink! A Valentine's day to remember! Congrats on this beautiful bag!