FINALLY: 2 bags I LOVE....both Alma


All That Jazz
May 27, 2006
So, many of you know I ordered the Jasmin from eLux last week and I was sure I'd love it. WRONG. It was just not what I was expecting. I returned it the very next day.

I then decided to take a trip downtown to LV to see the Black Alma (eLux don't have black in stock). When my SA came out with it my heart skipped a beat.:nuts: This bag is simply stunning. It's very understated but the silver really makes it look so elegant. I had them wrap it for my for Christmas. :rolleyes: This is now my favorite bag....over my black MC Speedy.


Then I saw a great deal on ebay for an Alma Long from a great seller I clicked the BIN button. It arrived today and I :heart: :heart: it too!!!:graucho: I didn't take it with flash, so you really can't see but this bag is almost brand new. No stains or smells,


These 2 bags complete me....:rochard: