~~ Finalllllllllllly ... my Amarante Roxbury Drive *Pics* ~~

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  1. Gorgeous!!
  2. *faints*

    i want both!! now!!

    they look amazing S!! wear them in gooood health sweety!
  3. wow chloe its so hot! im jealous... congrats, beautiful bag
  4. Thaaaaaaaaaaank u allll

    i took her out today ... lots of turned heads and complimemnts =P

    the bag has dark purple interior + lining ... =)

    im sooooo glad u guyz liked them =)
  5. habibty =P its worth it to spend a weekend in dubai and have a heart attack in burjuman/moe =P *wink*
  6. his angel ... thaaaaank u ya gallllllllllllbi ... hope urs shows up soooon *sparkling eyes*
  7. Congrats! Lovely!
  8. ohhh woww that is incredible!
  9. Beautiful!! Congrats!! I think I "need" something in Amarante too.

  10. Wowza!!!!!!!!!

    Great, now I don't know whether to get pomme or amarante! :drool:
  11. mannnn
    it's too bad its not the norm to carry around two handbags at once b/c these 2 just look so pretty together lol

  12. Thank u all =)

    south of france ... BOTH :graucho:

    nmorra .. i do have a pic of myself carrrying them both together :roflmfao:
  13. ya 3aaaaaaainey ;) Wish I was there to spot you ! If I did I'd come straight to you + have a cup of coffee with ya! :P
  14. ^lol :nuts:
  15. OMG! :nuts: Congrats!:yahoo: