~~ Finalllllllllllly ... my Amarante Roxbury Drive *Pics* ~~

  1. ..please share my Joy :heart::heart::heart::heart:...





  2. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Hot! Congratulations!
  4. thank u karman and ghost

    im sorrrrrry for the not soo perfect pics .. i promise more better ones coming up =)
  5. Gorgeous bag!
  6. FABULOUS bag!!! The color is DIVINE!:love: Enjoy it, my dear!
  7. Beautyful! Congratulations! I picked up the Roxy in Noisette last month, but i think i need also one in Amarante...:p.
  8. beautiful!!
  9. Irene Thaaaaanks sweet heart.. i cant believe ur back and on a hunt *onatah * :graucho:

    spylove .. mercii =)
  10. very pretty!!!! congrats! :smile:
  11. oh that's cute I think that may be my fav bag in amarante so far
  12. so pretty Congrats
  13. purseaddict thank u my dear

    atlantique i am DYYYYYYYYING to get one in noisette as well but soooo frightened of the color transfer since i wear black alot =(
  14. Thank u alllll :heart:

    caley im afraid the news is confirmed =( price hike on july1 ..at least here in my country although i over heared SAs saying its gonna be worldwide one =(
  15. WOOOOOW:nuts:She's a beauty! Congratulations!