Finall! A Violet Twiggy!!

  1. After a long search, I finally found me a Violet Twiggy!!:yahoo:Can anyone help me which among the two has better leather and distressing? TIA!!:heart:
    Twiggy A-1.JPG Twiggy A-2.JPG Twiggy B-1.jpg Twiggy B-3.jpg Twiggy B-4.jpg
  2. I like the one in the middle photo....congrats on finding one!
  3. congrats! they are both gorgeous. post pictures when it gets here.
  4. I vote for the one in the pictures on the right. The one on the left looks like it might be a little veiny, with the whitish veins, but maybe it's just the lighting. The one on the right looks puffier/squooshier.
  5. I like the one on the left ... it's more vivid.
  6. I like the one on the left..
  7. [​IMG]

    :nuts: I would go with this one myself. Do you know if it's goat or lamb?
  8. I agree with everyone's comments! I think the one of the right has slightly nicer leather- less veiny, puffier. But he one on the left def. has a more vivid color. Guess it depends on what's most important to you (leather vs. color saturation?)
  9. [​IMG]

    They both look gorgeous, but I personally prefer a veiny bag, one with more character IMHO and so I would choose this one.
  10. wow. where did u manage to find 2! lucky! i like the one on the right better. Congrats!
  11. very pretty. congrats!
  12. I prefer the one in the middle !!!
    But both are gorgeous !
    Congrats !
  13. The middle one, although if it is less vibrant, that'd be a tough call for me!
  14. Thanks everyone! I had no chance to ask whether it's lamb or goat because I had the assumption that lamb leather came in First and sometimes in City. But I will double check, though:heart:

    I can't determine which between the two has thicker and chewier leather..pretty hard to determine through pictures and this will only be my 2nd not much expertise in me!:p

    I've attached another picture of the bag on the right taken with flash, I feel that the color is closer to the one on the left. Was hoping to get one that has the closest leather to the '05 Bbags..:smile:
    Twiggy B-1.jpg
  15. Ack they're all gorgeous and yummy....I'm no help! LOL