finalists: Black Evelyne vs Black Stam MJ vs Black YSL downtown

  1. big dilemma.....i`m going back to italy/france in a month....and my DH gave me a bonus for a bag.....

    evelyne? practical and always classic
    black quilted stam? so glamourous with the gold chain
    and the downtown my friend Estelle loves so much but still not so sure if i like the design 100%

    so.....I need advice!!!!

    it`s na importan for the next bag i have to wait my next trip to europe in december...

    sadly in argentina they don`t have YSL and MJ stores....only the Hermes one!!!
  2. I vote for the MJ Stam :smile: (I don't know what the Evelyne is..)
  3. I have to agree. I don't know what the evelyne is but I do know the other two. I'd go for the stam as well. I'm not a fan of the downtown.
  4. All I know is, that the Stam is way to heavy for me, and I am not familiar with the Evelyne.
  5. the evelyne is an Hermès Bag with the big H.
    since i got my Birkin i`m kind of in love with Hermes.

    i´m scared the Stam will fade away so soon.
  6. Hermes is the epitome.............that would be in my next life...............
  7. i dont know how ysl downtown looks like... but between stam and evelyn... i pick evelyn