Finalist of The Best Cover Contest 2006


    Check out the Finalists of Best Cover Contest 2006, sponsored by American Society of Magazine Editors.

    The winner will be announced later today (3:15pm EST).
  2. My favourites are Bazaar & Life.

    How about you ?
  3. yep,my favourites are bazaar&life,too;)
  4. Wow, Scarlett on 2 out of 6.

    I like new York.
  5. bazar is hto.

    but whats this based on
  6. two scarlett covers!!!
    i like them both, also the bazaar one, julianne is gorgeous!
  7. I like Bazaar and New York...(even if I'm not a fan of Scarlett) its a good picture.
  8. Bazaaar's :heart:
  9. AND THE WINNER IS..... [/B]

    ]Julianne Moore[/B]'s Harper's Bazaar and Busta Rhymes' Vibe covers tied for the American Society of Magazine Editors' Best Celebrity Cover Contest for 2006.

    On Julianne's cover​
    : Like so many great moments in fashion, this Julianne Moore cover photographed by Peter Lindbergh is iconic because it breaks all the rules. Traditionally, Moore is not a guaranteed grand slam on the newsstand. In this case, her face is partially obscured by her hair, and her smile isn&#8217;t broad. Furthermore, both her dress and the type are green&#8212;a color not normally reflected in high newsstand sales. Here, however, green struck gold. Newsstand sales for this issue increased by more than 10% compared to the January 2005 issue of Bazaar. If Harper&#8217;s Bazaar had done cover research, this cover would never have been produced&#8212;which just goes to show that the first rule of a successful cover is that there are no rules.​

    On Busta's cover: Not many celebrities are willing to poke fun at their controversies. When rapper Busta Rhymes was attacked for allegedly withholding information in the murder of his bodyguard, he accepted VIBE&#8217;s invitation to address it. ​
  10. i love julianne moore :P
    although i kinda like the new york cover with scarlett & woody
  11. Just loved Harper's Bazaar!
  12. i was drawn to the bazzar's cover because of how everything tie to each other... the font, the color, and the image... :flowers:
  13. ew, life!

    definitely new york and premiere.