Final Verdicts on Blue India?

  1. I am on the fence...I haven't seen this in the City or Day size yet, has anyone else? I am on the list but as I just found my beloved '05 Caramel, I might take myself off.
    Is it all the colour was cracked up to be or would you girls recommend waiting for the tempting treats of Spring '07:smile: ?
  2. I think colour is so subjective that no one can answer this question for you. I happen to love Blue India after seeing it irl, that I am getting a Twiggy (ETA tomorrow morning). On the other hand, I think I can get more interesting bags in neutral colours like caramel, and would never want to own a caramel BBag. So, really, it boils down to you...
  3. It really depends on you and what you like or what colors you wear. I bought the BI in Twiggy and the color is gorgeous but not too vibrant for me. I was expecting it to be more brighter like Turqoise but it turned out to be little dull for me. I would suggest (if it is possible for you) to see it in person before ordering it. Mine is going back to BalNY tomorrow and i am stock with a store credit. :sad:
  4. Have talked with balny and was told not that outstanding color at all, so I took his advise and ordered griege. He described the color as being towards torquoise and that does not appeal to me.
  5. I saw it in the First though I didn't get that. It's a beautiful color and I'm dying to get it in the City or the Purse :smile:
  6. I saw it in person and didn't like it at ALL
  7. if you like blues, I think you would like it. But if you like really bright colors like magenta or turquoise05, then it's probably not bright enough for you. =)
  8. it's best to see colors in real life. a lot of b-bag colors don't photograph well, so it really isn't accurate to refer to the lovely pictures that all us lovely pfers post! :kiss:
  9. I was going to get it, even though I am not a blue bag girl. In fact blue is one of my least favorite colors in anything. I do love turquoise but I have seen so many pictures of BI and they all look different. I decided to hold out for one of the spring colors since Daphne said that she saw one of the blues , not on a bag, but on shoes or something, and it was gorgeous. She described it as the color of the ocean.
  10. at first when i saw the colour swatches and the b-bag up on the Balenciaga Website, I thought :yucky: but now after seeing some PF-ers BI b-bags - I really do like the colour! :graucho: I wouldn't mind one in a CITY! :wlae: