Final Verdict Belen Echandia LOVE ME

  1. Hi Ladies! We've all had our BE Love Me's awhile now. Here are my thoughts.
    Great looking bag.

    Very Big when you use it as daily use.
    Third strap entirely unnecessary. Really slipped off me. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
    Good city bag for career women.
    VERY heavy when you put anything in. When you first get the bag, it doesn't feel heavy. But put in your stuff, a book, an umbrella -- and whoa! So heavy that I don't know that I'd travel with this bag. Prefer the Stroke Me.
    Straps slip off my shoulder. (Others say they don't have this problem.)
    The drawstrings don't keep the bag closed, but for some reason, this doesn't matter.
    Very deep, so sometimes hard to find stuff in the big compartments.
    Great zipped center, so your wallet is safe even when drawstrings don't close.
    Nice small pouches for phone.
    Outside zippers very handy.
    Black Crash is indestructible.
    I felt very chic in Manhattan when I carried this bag.
    I'm glad I have it, but will use it for certain travel.
    Final verdict: :s
  2. Thanks for the honest review. Based on your review, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that either Stroke Me and/or Indulge Me will be included in the upcoming sale. I do adore the Black Crash though.
  3. I am sure there will be both for sale. Here's hoping for you!
  4. Tropical Gal,

    I just posted my review of the Love Me and then I read your email after I hit the "submit" button. You and I must have been thinking exactly the same today.

    I really enjoyed reading your review.... You should read mine because it was very interesting to compare ours. I definetely agree with you on some points, but, you'll see where we are a little different once you read mine!

    I love hearing various opinions.

    Wish I would have enjoyed the Stroke Me like you do. It just didn't "sit" right on me for some reason. Could you post modeling pics?

    I"m happy for you though, you have two different style handbags from BE to enjoy for different reasons. Whereas, my Love Me, has to be my travel and everyday handbag these days.
  5. TropicalGal, can you maybe post a review of the Stroke Me? I'd love to hear your feedback.

    I"m wondering maybe I would have liked the wine better? I just can't really describe what didn't work for me in the Stroke Me, whether it was more the color or the shape. Maybe I just didn't give it enough time to "break in". It sat a little sloppy on me, but, I do love slouchy handbags. Go figure!
  6. TropicalGal - Sorry to hear you're not completely loving your Love Me.

    I have been using my petrol Love Me a lot during the last week. When I first put travel stuff in and used the long strap, it was really heavy and I was worried about this style working for me. However, I thought the shoulder strap itself was very comfortable and stayed in place perfectly.

    I actually brought a Balenciaga City with me to NYC thinking I wouldn't want to carry the Love Me around. However, I found the City too small and ended up really enjoying the Love Me without the longer strap. The handles did slip at times but it didn't bother me much, maybe because my children are past the toddler stage now and completely hand-free isn't as important. I sometimes just carried it by one handle and let the other one hang down.

    I really love the interior organization of this bag. I put my wallet and some basics in the middle zipped compartment and liked having easy access to the non-zipped compartments (which felt deep enough that I wasn't worried). It was perfect for putting in mittens, hats, scarves, etc. as my family went in and out of different places.

    The petrol color is one of the most gorgeous blues ever. The leather is beautiful but extremely sturdy and I didn't worry about getting the bag wet or dirty or even putting it on the floor (it has metal feet) which is something I almost never do with my other bags. The leather has definitely softened considerably and I look forward to breaking it in more.
  7. I just love everything about the LM.
    The little compartments are perfect and the middle zipped one just protects my wallet perfectly.
    The leather is very sturdy and it makes a great ****ty weather bag because it doesn't mind rain.
    IMo the bag isn't heavy at all and I always carry a book with me. I don't have the problem with the handles sliding down. I removed the third shoulderbelt immediately after I got her.
    I would love another BE bag but I'm not sure which at the moment.
    IMO it's the best and most practical bag I own and I'm so happy that I discovered this brand.
  8. I agree with what you ladies are saying. It is a well designed bag. Maybe I need to use it a bit more. It is a great city bag, spacious and indestructible, while being totally chic.
  9. Hi all I've been looking at the BE Love Me bag and I think it is yummy, however, I have a quick question to the ladies who have one - most of you say you remove the third long strap as it makes the bag lighter, but can you wear the bag messenger style across the body with this strap or is it too short and just meant for use on the shoulder?

    Thanks in advance for your replies
  10. I did this recently too -- discovered my City to be too small for NYC. I don't have a Love Me, but I imagine it is the perfect NYC bag!
  11. I don't believe the strap is long enough to wear messenger style.

    pixiechic - I often leave the City unzipped but didn't want to do that in NYC and found it a bit annoying to repeatedly deal with zipping and unzipping, especially with gloves on. I really appreciated having the extra space of the Love Me with some things safely zipped in the middle but other things easily accesable.
  12. The third strap is definitely too short to be used as cross body.
    What is great about the LOVE ME, is that it is a DEFINITIVE bag. When I sat in Nespresso on Madison Ave. and looked at my Love Me, sitting on the chair, it is so THERE. So fabulous looking. And you don't see another one like it. Ladies are walking around with their whatevers, and you know you have the best bag from Europe. It feels great! Because you can't get any better!
  13. Thanks Tropicalgal and citychris for your reply on the strap length - the search for the perfect multi-purpose bag continues...........


  14. I'm totally with you there in your BE LM love, TropicalGal! My LM has garnered more compliments than any other bag I've ever had! It's just chic!