*FINAL* Tivoli Release Date NEWS!!!!

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  1. Just wanted to share that I have JUST called LV, and they had said that the release date will be NOVEMBER 1ST!!!!

    THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE OUT NOW!!! i called them last week, and was told that the release date will be october, so i guess they lied!!!! :tdown:
  2. That's AWESOME to hear!!! Thanks for sharing, I've heard so many conflicting dates about the release that my head was spinning. It's great to finally hear something definite! Now all I have to do is wait for the call...:wlae:
  3. Thanks for the info....
    Sometimes new bags get held up during production....suprised it's a bit delayed, as the Mirages were actually released earlier than expected !!!!
  4. thanks for sharing that info ... I guess we all have to wait a little longer:sad:
  5. Hehehe...I'm okay with November...gives me more time to save! I can't wait to see modeling pics on someone.
  6. oooh my SA was right this time lol.
  7. Info is ALWAYS different! I guess I will believe it when I see it!
  8. thanks for sharing!! looking forward to seeing the tivoli IRL
  9. Thanks for the info. :flowers:

    it's same as cruise line!!!
  11. i am really bummed.. but hope this will help the tpfers out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I was up at the store today, and they said Nov. 1 is when they will be released, but they should be getting them shipped in a few days before that. The sales lady took my info and I'm gonna be getting a phone call when they come in! As you know, they are coming in 2 sizes. It sounds like the smaller of the two is going to be pretty small (to my standards). I think I am going to go with the larger. I can't wait!!!
  13. if the small one is good enough to be a shoulder bag, i will def. get the small.. i heard other pf'ers saying that the GM is HUGE!!!!!!!!
  14. Does anybody know the pricing?
  15. The PM size is eight hundred something (forgot the exact), but that give you the range for the PM.