"Final Sale" Fans?

  1. 'Tis the season of summer sales, but I'm sort of bemused by the number of "final sales" that websites are offering now. By final sale, I mean that the store doesn't allow returns. I can understand this policy for brick and mortar stores, but online stores? I'm always tempted by the deal but I can't bring myself to buy something that I might not like and won't be able to return! It seems like a waste of money waiting to happen :yucky:

    Anyone had luck with final sales or are you simply annoyed by them, like me?
  2. ugh...SO annnoyed by final sales online...I ONLY like them at stores I can actually go to. There's always a final sale section on Intuition and Kitson's online stores, and as much as a deal that the merch. is, I can't bring myself to buy the stuff:cry: !!
  3. i bought a lacoste polo on final sale at adasa.com, but i know it'll fit because i have others.
  4. the whole final sal things makes me super nervous as my body is not the same size in every item
  5. i am not shopping as much right now.. so the final sale type of sales.. i hate them coz what if i don't like it as much..... if i am paying, i should have the option to return if i dont like it..
  6. im careful when buying final sale items. im an impulsive buyer and i dont feel comfy when i cant return an item later when i realize that i dont like/need it.
  7. I hate final sales... there are always some good looking deals online and I get discouraged from buying them because I don't have that option... shouldn't they realize that they may have more customers if they'd just give people that option??
  8. Just bought 2 bags over the phone sight unseen and they were both final sales. Luckily I was happy with what I got but usually I try to stay away from final sales. I just went into temporary insanity LOL. I guess it's ok if you know exactly what you're getting.
  9. I usually hate final sales. I'll look, but I'm not usually tempted.
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