Final sale due to excessive returns (!?!)

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  1. I just ordered a bag from Saks in Orlando and about an hour after the sale, I received a call from the SA saying that corporate had a note on my account that all sales were final due to excessive returns. I am in SC and do not have a store here or close (3 hours), so I have made some returns to eluxury but only one time to a store because the bag was defective. I have called an associate at LV who is "looking into it" but told me my last four transactions were returned. This is not true since the last three I purchased from eluxury I still have as well as one from Saks, and I have never ordered from I cannot for the life of me understand why they are starting to treat their customers this way. I feel I am being punished for not having a store here where I can inspect something for size and fit before I buy it. This does not take into account the bags I have kept (which are many). Unless this is resolved to my satisfaction, I will not be buying from LV again. Anyone else having this experience with Louis Vuitton?
  2. Wow that does not sound right at all I would understand if it was a small store.Sorry :sad:
  3. I read a thread a few days ago about some one who was "banned" from eluxury for a similar thing, I think she got it resolved.

    I think it's bogus because from my understanding they're all different customer databases, but there are more knowledgeable here that might be able to give you better insight.
  4. I did talk again with customer service and the woman I spoke with agreed with me and says she is noting everything I said. She hopes to get back with me in a day or two. I have never kept anything past the time given to return nor have I worn it and returned it. I asked her to please note the bags I have kept because they certainly outnumber the ones I returned (she shows four return transactions), and these returns were certainly not back-to-back. It makes me very leery of ordering something online (or from a store) again that I am not completely sure about. This, as you all know, is very hard to do since info and pics on the internet are very often misleading. I believe that if customer satisfaction is a goal (as it should be) and there is a return policy in place, we should not be punished for exercising that right. I have started trusting this site more for information than the sites selling the bags! It was embarassing to be treated that way by LV (not the SA at Saks, however - she was very nice). I certainly didn't like the feeling that I had done something wrong.
  5. I recently saw a report on our local tv station that this practice of banning customers for 'excessive' returns, is becoming more common.
  6. I think I read something about this recently, too. It was described as "wardrobing" - bringing back merchandise that had obviously been worn. This has just not been the case with me. I think it will be punish the masses for the few. I do understand being in business to make money, but wish someone would define "excessive" when it is a legitimate return within the store policy. And, if your purchases outweigh your returns, I would hope that counts for something. I don't think it should be policy to embarass customers.
  7. You should develop a relationship with a SA at an actual LV store, so they can do charge-sends for you, I do things this way and constantly do returns,...which they expect as I have usually only seen pictures online when I am away from the stores location for 6-8 months out of the year
  8. Actually, I have been very pleased with the Saks in Orlando and have occasionally ordered from LV in Charlotte. We are getting an LV store here probably some time this year, so I think eventually it will be easier for me. That's one of the reasons I want this mark off my account. Not only do I not think it is justified, but I want to be excited when the new store opens. Hopefully, then, I will have an easier time picking the right one. I would think that when you are doing phone orders or online, as you say, it should be expected that you won't like everything. Thanks for the advice.
  9. For the kind of money we are paying for LV bags these days, customer satisfaction should be their top priority. I am sorry LV treated you this way and I hope you can get it resolved. I, too, depend on this forum for information and suggestions to buy my bags to avoid making an impulsive buy, which I will regret later.
  10. When customer service told you 4 returns, they were not including any Eluxury purchases, for the leased LV counters and free-staind LVs use one customer system and eluxury uses another. Ask her what the last 4 return items were, she can give you the actual model information so you can review each return with her. I wonder if another customer with the same last name as yours is causing some havic here because sometimes, the LV SA will note the wrong account. Perhaps another customer had excessive returns with the same last name as yours; however, LV marked the wrong account in their computer system. You do need to get to the bottom of this so that this can be removed from your client file. Good Luck!
  11. that does not sound goood...hope they double check and resolve the issue...keep us posted:heart::tup:
  12. Yep keep us updated please!
  13. yes! elux banned me from shopping with them, so i understand how you feel and am here for your support. unfortunately, i was never told or given the shoddy opportunity of a final sale due to several exchanges (not returns) because for me there was no warning, just immediate banishment.

    moreover, i was not ward-robing, nor have i ever - that type of behavior disgusts me.

    i would take southerncharm's advice; you need to get to the bottom of those 4 returns. i hope this is all one huge mistake.
  14. wow - i never heard of this :O

  15. sorry sorry abt yr experience:heart: did u ever talk to them to get thme ot lift the ban?:confused1: U CANT SHOP AT ELUX forever?:crybaby: