Final reveal for 2018...

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  1. and hopefully, for a long while. I will try to stay strong, stay put on Ban Island and enjoy new pretties vicariously through you all!

    Here are my Cyber Week scores and Christmas present from DH.

    Electrique Cervo Hobo with Karung detail that I “adopted” from one of our lovely ladies here (thank you to my DH for the early Christmas present!), old style Nero Maxi Veneta, Antique Silver Biletto, and Mona Lisa front flap Continental Wallet.


    I can’t decide which bag to wear first! The hobo is so yummy, the Maxi is amazingly roomy (but needs some using to reshape since it seems it was stored folded in half ) and the Biletto is such a pretty color... BV world problems!
  2. Awesome snag! Congratulations! I hope to stay on ban island like you aim to

    The complication is now that the Tomas Maier era is history, I feel compelled to get those styles I have always wanted to but have been putting off (in favor of my financial health)!
  3. Congratulations! They are all great.

    I'd love to see a mod shot of the Maxi when you get the time
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  4. Niiiice! Great collection and the wallet is a nice pop of color.

    Anxious for you to use your biletto and do let me know what you think.
  5. What a great haul! Love every single one! Please post mod shots.
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  6. Great haul. So happy you got the Cervo. You’ll love the color. The other goodies are wonderful, too. I’d also like your thoughts on the Billetto. Enjoy. Enjoy.
  7. We can (try to) stay strong on Ban Island together! But I’ll support you if you feel the need to leave for a bit and come back...
  8. Once I get the crease out, I’ll definitely post! It drives me nuts to think that they folded it!!! ‍♀️
  9. Thanks! I wasn’t sure about keeping it at first since it looked black to me, and I didn’t feel the need for another small black crossbody but next to Nero I can tell it’s not.
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Thank you! Electrique is beautiful!
  12. That is a awesome haul! I too am interested in a modeling shot of the maxi.
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  13. Beautiful bags! Enjoy!
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  14. Beautiful goodies - congratulations!
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  15. love the hobo in particular, but you know i am biased, don't ya? :lol:
    enjoy all in good health!! :drinks:
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