Final poll! Really need this last bit of help...

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Hey everyone! This is my second poll in so many weeks and I was trying to make a decision on my own from my first poll, but now I need just a little bit more help!

I've now narrowed my next bag to.....

1. Citadin in Terre Old Model

2. Citadin in Terre New Model

3. Damier Bosphore

I like where the vachetta is on the old model ,but not a huge fan of the top portion of the bag. I like the look of the new model but I wish it had the vachetta more on the bottom like the old model but I love the piping. And now I will consider the Damier Bosphore because a random guy last night told me he liked it on me and would suit me.

First pic is the old model, second is the new, third bosphore

Any help would be much appreciated!



Oct 18, 2007
~Hi *G*, I know you :heart::heart::heart:the Damier line but I think you might want to branch out a little:graucho:. My vote for the #2 Citadin in Terre New Mode:tup:. FYI, our SA is still trying to get your MonoFlag belt. Therefore, don't forget to leave a little fund on the side for that.~

Deleted member 20806

^^ thanks for responding Nurse!! It seems like I forgot to add the actual poll haha...... ah well i can tally up the votes later :P Oh man, the monoflag belt is hot, you are such an enabler M!!


Aug 13, 2007
I think the Pochette Bosphore will look HOT on you! I have it in Mono and I must say it is quite comfortable to carry and actually holds quite a bit.


Jan 26, 2007
I don't really like the top part of #1, either. I vote for #2 Citadin in Terre New Model but I also like the Bosphore.