FINAL POLL for tpf Secret Sign

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  1. Assorted Charms: “the Ladies”, Nature OR Sand and Sea (Gold or Silver) - $20

  2. Pink, Topaz & Clear Crystal PURSE Charm with Swarovski Crystal - $20

  3. Pink Crystal PURSE Charm with Swarovski Crystal $20

  4. Swarovski Crystal AB HEART Charm with Swarovski Crystal - $20

  5. Twinkle Tink Keychain

  6. Lock n Key Bag Charm

  7. Koala Bracelet

  8. Heart Bag Charm

  9. Eiffel Tower

  10. I don't like any of these

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  1. OK, here it is:

    The FINAL Poll for tPF Secret Sign. You can vote for more than one.

    DEADLINE: Saturday, APRIL 7

    Personally, I prefer the secret sign to be more symbolic than literal so I voted for:

    1. the "Assorted Charms" because it can be done in either colors (silver or gold)
    2. Pink, Topaz & Clear Crystal PURSE Charm with Swarovski Crystal because the crystals on the strap can match the purse and can be used with either silver or gold.
    3. Swarovski Clear Crystal AB HEART Charm with Swarovski Crystal

    I would've voted for the Koala bracelet but I'm sure there are many people that are not in the tPF who wears them. I also like the Eiffel Tower but I've seen too many of it around.

    ATTENTION: Please provide pictures and price for your tPF Secret Sign idea for others members reference.
    Assorted Charms.JPG Ladies G.jpg Sand and Sea P.jpg Nature P.jpg
  2. More Pics
    Purse-1.jpg Purse-2.jpg Straps-4.JPG Straps-5.JPG Straps-6.JPG
  3. One More Pic
    Small Crystal AB Heart.gif
  4. I just like this simple little gold bag.

    gold bag.jpg

    did anyone just like this? was it ever a contender? sorry, but I haven't been following all the posts very closely.
  5. I still like Twinkle's keychain. :yes:
  6. Me for Tink
  7. Which one is Twinkle's keychain?

  8. This purse charm is part of the "the Ladies" assorted charm. Please see pics on the first post.:yes:
  9. This one:
  10. I'm still loving the Koala Bracelet! I also voted for Tinks charm
  11. yep...but i want it in gold. :rolleyes:
  12. I vote twinks I love it, I also like the idea of getting an extra one to have gold plated to match gold hardwear
  13. Thanks, Rebecca.:flowers: That is pretty and neutral. I'm voting Twinkle's keychange.

  14. Just wanted to say, most people are using theirs as a purse charm, rather than a keychain. Except for Vlad and probably other guys. Vlad just PM'ed he has it on his car keys ;)
  15. Me, too ;)

    I like Swarovski crystal pink, too