Final opinions please?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    After reading some of the recent posts on both boards, I've narrowed my hobo search to the following:

    1.) Prada Vitello- beige

    2.) Louis Vuitton Galliera PM

    What to do?!? Love them both!

    Your input much appreciated!


  2. definitely the prada. classic shape and color.
  3. I would rather pay for a leather bag than coated canvas, prada all the way
  4. tough choice. I believe Prada hobo is smaller and cheaper than the LV.
    I love the shape of LV, but don't like to pay $$ for canvas bag. So my final decision is still Prada.
  5. Prada FTW!! Dont like coated canvas... :P
  6. The PRada for sure....not a huge fan of LV
  7. The only LV bag worth having is from the Suhali line. Can't swing a cat by the tail and not hit one of those monogram things.

    DEFINITELY the Prada hobo. I've had this one in at least 5 different colors now and will be carrying my gray one to Prada at NM in Charlotte today. Must leave the credit cards at home! :whistle:
  8. You know what we will all say here... Prada!
    I really am not a fan of the LV monogram bags at all and everyone and their mother (and their daughter these days) is carrying one.
    Prada is classic, real leather and quite rare in some parts of the country.
  9. Prada.
  10. prada
  11. I am not going to be anyone's fan for saying this but, LV.
    I have that prada bag in burgandy and I like it, but I love the structure of the LV bag more.
  12. Prada is more classice, LV is fancier. I'd get both :P but LV would be my priority and my next purchase would be the Prada. I don't know, like uafly1 said, the LV structure is a bit more interesting. And I don't think the comments here are biased, 'cause if you post the exact same thread in the LV forum, they'd all say LV. :smile:
  13. Prada Vitello has my vote, the leather is durable and hey, it's leather, not coated canvas. Also, the leather trim on LVs will get so nasty with time!
  14. PRADA! It's leather and it smells like heaven. It's also cheaper and different. I can tell you that I see at least 20 LV bags a day, real or fake, and only 1 Prada a day if I'm lucky!