Final family PICS...until spring :)

  1. Hi ladies,

    I finally had enough time to snap a final family pic until my spring bags arrive. :p The three new additions are the navy patent jumbo, the 227 black metallic reissue, and the black e/w cloudy bundle tote. The only bag that's missing is the 227 dark silver reissue, which will be here soon. :heart: Thanks for letting me share again ladies. My 3 new additions for spring will be the 227 purple reissue, the 227 pewter reissue, and the black w/silver hw GST.

    Click on the pics to enlarge





  2. dec6.jpg

  3. WHOA!!! I Absolutely LOOOOVE your flap collection!!!
  4. TDF!!!!

    Love the whole collection!!!!!
  5. TDF! i am almost breathless :graucho:
  6. That's a fantastic collection, I love them all!!
  7. :drool: I never get tired of looking at your collection...GORGEOUS!!!
  8. Your flaps are gorgeous... I especially love your gold flap, I have one of those too!! Can't wait to see you new arrivals!
  9. :wtf: im speechless....:drool:
  10. Omg hottie, it's like the stairway to Chanel heaven, ahh!! :love: :nuts: :love: I absolutely LOVE all of your flaps (of course hehe, I do have eyes after all! :p), the LB, the expandale flap trio, really everything... I'm speechless!!! :drool: :nuts: Ohhhh, are you swapping the 226 DS for the 227? :nuts: I can't wait to see your next family pic haha... although I might pass out when I do!! :sweatdrop:
  11. Beautiful collection!
  12. Your collection is amazing! :drool: I love all of your bags! Thanks for sharing!
  13. I love it, Jenn! It is really interesting how you've moved more to the flap bags, versus the totes. I think I've gone the other direction! Love the Hidden Chain flap, that is a hawt bag.
  14. So well-editted!!....there's something for every occasion in this collection! I should bookmark this page and look at it more often as an inspiration to diversify and add color to my meager Chanel family.
  15. What a great collection, I am totally :nuts::tup::drool: