Final discount before Neiman's sends stuff to the Last Call store?

  1. I have my eye on a quilted Balenciaga travel/doctor bag at Neiman's - saw it in the boutique at 3K and it's now down to 2K at NM plus an additional 25% off for a final price of 50% off. It's still a little high for me, but I don't know that I can completely walk away from watching it, and I was wondering what the typical markdown would be before it heads off to Last Call? (I know Nordstrom tends to go 40% then 60% at the store and down to 70% on the website).

  2. sorry, i can't answer your question but thanks for the heads up on the 25% off sale price at Neimans! i saw pretty good deals online..
  3. In the past the last call (final clearance at the stores before heading out to the outlets) came down to about 65% off original...
  4. Thanks so much! Debating the wisdom of paying $1000 for it. . . But definitely will hold off until that's the markdown, at least.