Final Decision!

  1. I have come to the conclusion that I do not need the XL satchel because I will not use it as frequently as I would another bag. I am more of a shoulder bag girl so this is another downfall. When and if I want another satchel I will go for the Lily if other colors I like come out. So what will I be getting for the PCE?
    Patent Medium Ergo Hobo in Pond or Brown
    Silver Hoop Earrings
    Tortoise Lexi Sunglasses
    New Scribble Sandals
    Maybe some other small stuff when I get there....will post pics (going on Monday)

    Just wanted to update everyone...sorry LA my mini skinny will be the only thing keeping me in the Heritage Club :sad:
  2. That's okay! I'm glad you're still in anyway! Your mini skinny is really cute! I'm glad you were able to make a decision!
  3. Hey I am in the club too and dont own any heritage pieces (yet) :shame:!
  4. Ya I have to start thinking with my head and not just grabbing everything that catches my eye. Willpower....trying lol
  5. :yes:Mhmm! It's a special club, you can be in it just to browse too! Which reminds me.....I haven't seen kphillips (the fearless leader) around for awhile:sad:
  6. Oh ya! Thats right....I wonder where she is.
  7. Same here but I am seriously lusting after a couple :drool:
  8. Thats too bad ash... well I posted up pics in the "heritage club" of my XL that you were looking for...