Final Decision


Which one for Sophia?

  1. Monogram Stephen

  2. Limelight Clutch

  3. Chanel Flap

  4. Miroir Alma

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  1. I think I have posted these "HELP ME" threads at least twice in 2 weeks. Well, heres my FINAL one for a while.

    So, I listened to all you guys, and am selling the MC Alma. And also, right now, spending all that money on a Birkin is kind of out of the ordinary for a 15 year old. So, thats on hold.

    I would love your input on my FINAL choices. I have thinking between:

    Monogram Stephen: functional, both hand-held and shoulder-bag.
    Limelight clutch: never owned a clutch, but would love one. New style of bag for me.
    Miroir Alma: Amazing, loved the miror line, but not sure about the size.
    Chanel Flap: everyone loves to go a little "coco" once in a while.

    So, those 4 are my FINAL decisions, I love all of them EQUALLY. Please help me choose one final time before I jump into my second purchase of 2008. (I just bought a new Monogram Zippy)

    Thanks. Sophia:heart:
  2. i think either the chanel flap or the stephen :smile:

    hope that helps

  3. I voted for Chanel, I love mine because it is such a classic bag. This is my only Chanel and I am happy I can't ask for more.
  4. I voted for the Chanel flap. I think it would suit you perfectly! After that, I vote for the Limelight. I'm glad to hear that you're holding off on the Birking now - I had no idea you were only 15, I thought you were 17! lol! enjoy whatever you get and be sure to share it with us!
  5. I vote for the Stephen again
  6. i voted for chanel (even though i'm an LV girl) because i want one!
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. I voted for the Mono Stephen...I sooo want one myself so instead I can live vicariously through you...heehee
  9. i voted stephen!!!! its a classic

    ......though chanel is stunning
  10. Chanel classic flap.
  11. I'd pick the Chanel classic flap.
  12. Hi Sweet Sophia, I think that if you could find a Stephen at a decent price and great condition ~ you should go for that! Otherwise, definitely go for a Chanel Flap. You are so right ... every girl should go "coco" once in a while and what a better bag to do it in than the timeless classy flap!
  13. I agree. I am debating whether to get a classic jumbo flap too.
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. I love LV the most, but I really like Chanel flaps and I have the money for one, im just scared it wont be as nice as I had hoped! But since youre less of a chicken than I am (lol) I voted for the flap! Good luck!