Final Decision on Coach gallery tote!!

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  1. It’s time for Final Decision:nuts: !! Thanks to all of your sincere helpful sweet comments in my previous thread.. I am so convinced to get the new coach signature gallery tote!! Yaaaaay!!:biggrin:

    But is it gonna be in white trim?? Or Gold trim?? (pics attached!! And the third pic shows both so you can compare!! :smile: )

    Important Facts:

    - It’s going to be my first coach bag!:shame:
    -First work bag!! (First job!):P
    -I saw the white one in the store, and I fell in love with it!!:love:
    -Yet the gold one was sold out already!! So I didn’t see it up close!!:sad:
    -I want it for the next 6 months!!:huh:
    -I personally hate gold as a color, and I never wear anything gold (clothes, jewelry, bags) (i am 24 medium skin tone + black hair and eyes.. a total silver person)!! But the bag certainly looks nice in the pic with its not so flashy golden trims!!

    Again I cant thank you all enough.. this forum is unbelievably amazing!!:love:

    Attached Files:

  2. I like the white one! More classy-looking.
  3. I like the gold one best because it looks best on the bag. There is a lot of contrast witht the white and it would also make it much more a seasonal bag instead of a all year long bag.
  4. I kind of like the gold with the brown-toned canvas. But white might be better as an everyday bag handle colour.
  5. I think that the gold one would be best for year round use!
  6. I like the gold too - makes it very neutral and versatile. Good luck with your decision.
  7. looking at the pics individually makes me feel the gold one looks good.

    But the last pic u posted changed my mind. I'd vote the white one - more contrasting colours give the bag an interesting look. The gold one blends too much into the fabric's colour. The white one looks younger too.
  8. Gold.
  9. Gold! Congrats!!
  10. White, I like how the colors contrast. And gold may be trendy at the moment so you might not be able to carry it for too long.
  11. Definately gold, there's a reason why it sold out first ! ;)
  12. White! Just like xikry said gold could end up a fad color.
  13. Gold....just the right amount of metallic in there so that it won't be too trendy.
  14. gold.
  15. gold, it is a colour that lasts forever.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.