Final Decision on Coach gallery tote!!

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Jan 27, 2006
It’s time for Final Decision:nuts: !! Thanks to all of your sincere helpful sweet comments in my previous thread.. I am so convinced to get the new coach signature gallery tote!! Yaaaaay!!:biggrin:

But is it gonna be in white trim?? Or Gold trim?? (pics attached!! And the third pic shows both so you can compare!! :smile: )

Important Facts:

- It’s going to be my first coach bag!:shame:
-First work bag!! (First job!):P
-I saw the white one in the store, and I fell in love with it!!:love:
-Yet the gold one was sold out already!! So I didn’t see it up close!!:sad:
-I want it for the next 6 months!!:huh:
-I personally hate gold as a color, and I never wear anything gold (clothes, jewelry, bags) (i am 24 medium skin tone + black hair and eyes.. a total silver person)!! But the bag certainly looks nice in the pic with its not so flashy golden trims!!

Again I cant thank you all enough.. this forum is unbelievably amazing!!:love:


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I like the gold one best because it looks best on the bag. There is a lot of contrast witht the white and it would also make it much more a seasonal bag instead of a all year long bag.
looking at the pics individually makes me feel the gold one looks good.

But the last pic u posted changed my mind. I'd vote the white one - more contrasting colours give the bag an interesting look. The gold one blends too much into the fabric's colour. The white one looks younger too.
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