FINAL decision on choosing which GUCCI WALLETS

  1. I prefer #2 and #3.
  2. I like #2
  3. #2 looks nice. Don't really like #1, the black at the bottom looks kinda werid.
  4. I like 2 best as well, but I like four a lot too.
  5. #1 is too manly for me
    #2, i kinda don't prefer the white leather strips, too striking

    i really like the #3, the black one

    #4, hm... not likey :p
  6. I like number two.
  7. I like 3 and 4..
  8. Mostly likely three.
    I can see why you are having a difficult time deciding.
  9. I like the black one - #3!
  10. 3 looks great. I'd go for that one.
  11. #2
  12. I'm pretty sure they're all fake :push:
  13. UGH!!!!!!! The 4th one definitely!!! (Thought 2nd 2nd choice) = GORGIE!!! I would want that myself were I in the market for a Gucci wallet. ;)

    It's so classy and full of style without being busy. UGH! LOVE! :love::drool:

    Oh, by the way: You MUST get it so I'm not tempted! :roflmfao: JK. ;)
  14. Yeah.. they look like fakes to me as well. :confused1: