Final Decision: Manhattan GM or Tivoli GM

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  1. I like both but which one should I !!!

  2. TIVOLI GM!!! :tup:
  3. TIVOLI!!! I had the Manhattan and sold it as I found it to be a heavy bag ( SO PRETTY though) I ordered the Tivoli today...LOVE the look of it!
  4. Manhattan!! So beautiful and classic. Tivoli is nice but maybe alittle too trendy. The Manhattan will be around for a long time :smile:
  5. I say go for the Manhattan!!
  6. Go for the Manhattan... it's GORGEOUS. I want it lol... :smile:
  7. Tivoli GM :tup:
  8. Tivoli!
  9. i just got the tivoli and absolutely love it. so my vote goes to the tivoli
  10. I prefer the Manhattan.
  11. IMO, the Manhattan!! It's so chic..
  12. I prefer the manhattan ... a lot classier and sophisticated!
  13. I would pick the Manhattan GM. I love this bag! The only teensy problem I have with it is that darn strap that crosses over the zipper since it looks to be troublesome in trying to get things in and out of the bag --- otherwise, the bag is perfect! In any case, this bag has been on my wishlist for a long time!
  14. Tivoli GM
  15. Tivoli