Final decision... i need some enabling Medallion or Ultimate Soft

  1. Hello ladies, i am about 2 weeks from purchasing my first Chanel! Im very excited, but have been struggling which purse to choose since i love the Medallion and Ultimate Soft medium with quilting. I have seen both bags in real life, and i like how they both looked on me, at first i thought Ultimate Soft was perfect, but then i kept hearing how lambskin is so hard to maintain so it changed my mind a little, and set me more towards the Medallion. Then again i heard the US has a coat on it for extra protection so its little tougher than usual lambskin purses. I just really want one for now to enjoy and not get it stuck in my head i need them both and not end up enjoying anything! Any opinions i would appreciate. I just really want a classic timeless bag, that will last for years.:tup:
  2. My own experience, I bought the Medallion and ended up returning it, I found it hard to get in and out of it and the size was a little constraining for me, just too stiff....but a lot of ladies love it....I changed it for a GST., found that easier to use and more bag for my buck.....just my opinion though:heart:H
  3. My sister has the Ultimate Soft and adores it. I don't know how much she uses it, but she likes the size. (she's 5'6") I've looked at both in the store and thought about getting the Medallion, then ended up getting the GST--easier to get into and organize things than the Medallion. Biggest plus for the Medallion is it's leather lined, but both US an Medallion zip closed, so that's the same.
  4. I had the US but took it back - it was too small to carry all my things, and I didn't like the way it looked when I put my wallet, phone, etc. in it. I tried the medallion also, and it is very nice, but ended up with the GST - it's great! Have you looked at the GST also?
  5. I was going to buy the US large in black (none left in the US by the way.) I hear that lambskin is tougher but I didn't want to take the chance with that kind of money invested. Everyone said buy a GST (which I still might) but I found a distressed leather bag on sale that I LOVE!!! Keep trying the bags'll eventually find one that you fall in love with.
  6. Ha ha - Oh Sinny, I didn't see that it was you! Keep "obsessing" girl! That's how I found mine! I am now moving on to totes! Let the "obsessing" begin!

    I do LOVe that medium US though....
  7. hehe yeah MJ its me tryng to get last minute tips:graucho:! Idk how i feel about the GST remember how i said before im only 5'1, not sure how that would look on me.
  8. I love the US! I don't have a scratch on it yet!
  9. nah...i still prefer medallion...i saw a pfers has it, it's gorgeous!
  10. medallion it's next on my wishlist!
  11. I truly prefer the GST over the medallion. The medallion and US are completely different styles of bags so it's hard to compare.

    On one hand, the medallion will certainly last longer and is considered more classic as it is part of the timeless collection that gets released every season. Personally, for me, I don't like the medallion tote for some odd reason.

    The Ultimate Soft is much more luxurious and can be transitioned easier from day to night IMO. The lambskin is fairly delicate, so you would obviously have to consider that as well as it wouldn't hold up as long as the medallion tote would.

    Personally, for me, I'd pick the ultimate soft because I just can't get myself to like the medallion tote.