Final decision I need all your help!!!


Which one should i get??

  1. Speedy

  2. Deauville

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. o.k so i've narrowed it down to these two..... I want something that will look good with casual clothing i think i have enough dressy bags. so which one would look better with sweats, jeans, t-shirts??? I'm going back to LV monday thanks!!
    speedy.jpg deauville.jpg
  2. Speedy :love:
  3. I like the deauville because it is more structured and not as common...
  4. Deauville.
  5. EVERYONE has a speedy. Go for the Deauville, it looks much better!! It has a more classic, structured shape.
  6. None of you think the Deauville will be too dressy for sweats?
  7. I vote for the speedy as I find the deauville too big for casual use:shame:
  8. speedy..its great for sweat and casual..
  9. Speedy - it's a classic
  10. speedy
  11. speedy!! let us know what u end up getting!
  12. Speedy!!!! Deauville looks like a make-up case crossed with a briefcase!:wacko:
  13. Go Speedy !
  14. How about the Trouville which is a smaller version of the Deauville? I say Trouville or Deauville.:amuse:
  15. I've had both, and I think the Deauville is much more practical ( I have a 30 Speedy and can never find anything inside it!) whereas in the Deauville you have all separate pockets and find your stuff immediately...;) :biggrin:
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