FINAL DECISION, for last bag of 2007.


Which final bag for 07?

  1. White MC Speedy

  2. Fuschia Perfo Speedy

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  1. Hey you guys!

    Sophia, checking in again.

    So, as you all know I just recieved the Monogram Lockit, giving me a heck of a Monogram Collection already for my age. I want new life.

    Heres my collection so far:

    1)Monogram Speedy 30
    2)Monogram Speedy 25
    3)Monogram Batignolles
    4)Monogram Vavin GM
    5)Monogram Lockit

    You all know, I am in love with MC, so heres the problem.

    Im equally in love with the PERFO.

    So, I get to put my money (savedup) into my debit card tomorrow and then I can buy my final bag of the year 07.

    And its between Fuschia Perfo Speedy and White MC Speedy.

    Help me with my FINAL decision, I have both bags on hold.


    Haha, thanks! :heart: Sophia.​
  2. White MC speedy!!!!
  3. LOL you're too cute Sophia. First of all, I love your mono collection...really want the BH you have hehe. Second...hmm you have a tough decision because the perfo and the MC speedies are so different. I know you've been wanting the MC speedy for a really long time. So maybe you should go with what you've always wanted. Have you seen them both IRL yet? That should help...personally I like perfo because it's really different looking. Don't you hate these kinds of decisions? hehe
  4. even though i'm not crazy about the Perfo, get that first Sophia; who knows how much longer it'll be around for?

    the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the title of your thread was, the last bag already? and then it dawned on me: oh right, it's already bloody October :lol:
  5. Haha, I took this picture a few days ago at school.

    I thought you guys would get a good laugh.

    AND YEAH! I hate these decisions. I love the elegance of the Multicolor, but the unique-ness of the Perfo is amazing!
  6. Sandra, you crack me up!
    I have missed seeing you on the forum, its rather depressing!

    Our Asian girl powers, haha. I think we made that up a year ago!

    But, I dont know.

    The Perfo is so diverse, and it still has the plastic on the handles!
  7. MC speedy, so gorgeous.
  8. Oh, I thought you got the MC Speedy a little while ago! I say get that one since you love MC. (Remember that photoshopped pic of the speedy falling off the cliff?:graucho:)
  9. Sophia, you're so cute! lol love that pic.

    i would go with the mc speedy. you've been wanting that for a long long time. :smile:
  10. White MC speedy... it's a classic!
  11. I bought it and then returned it.

    I needed the money for clothes instead :supacool:
  12. You guys.

    Im slowly falling off the Multicolor band-wagon.

    Im feeling a LE bag for once.

    I want a new wallet in MC but for now, I think I might be feeling the Perfo much more.
  13. if u feeling for the perfo more than go for it! mc speedy will still be around later. and if u are having too much mono in the collection u can always sell 1 or 2 bags to fund another bag for 2007 :graucho:.
  14. Thank you!
  15. both are great bags.. although i don't really know much about them... i just wanted to say its nice to see you work hard for you bags and save money for them.. you truly deserve them!