final decision! (finally!!!)

  1. i decided today to return the michael kors bag...thanks for all the feedback! i really love the bag, but, i decided that i wouldn't be able to stick to a promise of only getting one bag during the year no matter how expensive that bag was...
    so, i've decided to get 2 bags, one is the coach ergo hobo in red patent leather which is really gorgeous and the other is some kind of black kooba...i feel much better with this decision...i just wanted to thank everyone for putting up with me while i decided and thank you all for your feedback!!!
    : )
  2. Good for you and I am sure there is not a single person reading this who hasn't gone through the same emotions sometime in their bag buying career so no thanks required - we're with you!
  3. A good decision! Especially if it feels right to you!! That's the most important thing! And yes, we've all been there!
  4. Oh, I've been there, all right. Good for you!