Final Cut Sale at Saks Fifth!

  1. I hope I'm not duping - but Saks is having a 4 day final cut sale starting July 13 through the 16th. - The notice says "in Saks stores and at "Take an additional 50% off etc. etc. - I don't know what's included in the sale but it's my favorite local dept. store so I'll be sure to go - I suspect it will be the stuff they just couldn't sell, but it's worth a look.
  2. Finally! I've been waiting for this darned sale for forever! Thanks for posting!
  3. Will it be additional 50%?
  4. ohh i wonder if any cambon is included
    if there's any left
  5. i think the off percentage is from the original price tag.
    i bet the Saks website on those days will be super slowwwwwwww
  6. the prices are 50 percent off the first markdown.
  7. Does anyone know if there are any Chanel Cambons left????
  8. if you got the 40% & then the 30% for the cambon...can you still get the 50%???
  9. I think the 50% off replaces the 30% ........
    So, if I purchased and got the 40% then the 30% can I get a price adjustment to reflect the 40% then the 50%?
  10. The don't do price adjustments for sale items
  11. I've heard several rumors about the sale, there was a thread saying that the sale bags would be reduced 70% off original price. And as for already purchased items, there's another thread about some SAs willing to do returns and buybacks.
  12. My postcard in the mail said an "extra 50% off"--so I think it's 50% off the current marked price.

    For example, I saw a MJ bag that was originally $895 and is now marked to $568 and then you'd get an extra 50%.
  13. It's always worth asking! I have an amazing SA, so hopefully!!:shrugs:
  14. My postcard says "take an additional 50% off for a total savings of up to 70% off original prices."

    There are some cute Guccis on the website right now for 60% off.
  15. ^ wow, additional 50%?!! the SA I talked to said it was 50% off orignal price, I sure hope he wasn't lying just because he didnt want to hold the bag for me till thurs!!