Final Cut Sak's Fifth Avenue

  1. Hi Everyone, I just got an e-mail from Saks's Fifth Avenue that the final cut online is now and will start in stores on July 12.
  2. Their selection is not that great! Thanks for the post.
  3. The selection is picked over, however, some returns come in and if you work with a good SA, she can alert you to the return. Also, some stores have more than others. Worth a try.
  4. all my sizes are gone.
  5. ^^^ ME too... I can barely find sizes during the 1st cut let alone the last cut. I have given up hope for getting stuff during NM or Saks last call/cut sales.
  6. Just got back from Saks, only a couple of shoes were worth buying. All was picked over and no great purses........last year's was much better!
  7. i thought it started tomorrow?
  8. It does start tomorrow, my saks was having presales and the sale was on merchandise that was already on sale.....anywho........nothing worth running for.:heart:H
  9. Mine was picked over as well, nothing exciting at all.
  10. i went there first thing in the morning lol!
    and was very very disappointed with the selection AND the prices.
  11. There were a couple of Mulberry Annies for $420.00 at the San Francisco store. Nothing else really.
  12. Was ever a site that had lots of stock on things and lots of sizes? I haven't found them to have anything good in a long time . ..