FINAL CHAPTER!!!! The End.............

  1. Well after numerous days and hundreds and thousands of miles, the little Rock Finallllly showed up:oh: I am really amazed the bag is still in very good condition (considering all the places it has been and all the grimy mitts that have taken the bag in and out of it's bag & box.

    I am really having a hard time :heart::heart: the bag after all the time and effort I have put into chasing this bag all over the US. I will give it a couple of days before I decide whether I keep her or just send her back and get rid of my other bags. This whole situation has really turned me off on Jimmy Choo:cry:
    DSCN3531.JPG rock1.jpg rock2.jpg rock3.jpg rockinside.jpg
  2. I am glad that your ordeal is over!! You have been through so much. Take some time and regroup before you decide to get rid of all of your Jimmy Choo. Even the best companies sometimes have a bad day (or bad transaction). Your new purse is beautiful and I hope that you are able to :heart: and enjoy her.
  3. Wow! DHL messed up delivering my laptop too. What a horrible company! It sounds like Jimmy Choo has horrible customer service too. If they would have known that you'd have turned people like me off buying their products they probably would have compensated you somewhat. It's a gorgeous bag!
  4. I'm SO glad your odeal has finally come to an end Robyn! :dothewave:

    I can completely relate to your mixed emotions though. On the one hand while the whole customs fiasco wasn't JC's fault per se....they also didn't go out of their way to ease your stress or help you get your bag. I think a partial refund should have been offered looong ago.

    On the other hand! It is a beautiful and unique bag! I agree with that you can just forget about tracking and making phone calls and trying to chase this bag down, take some time to forget about all things Choo!

    And then....pull out one of your beautiful JC bags and all will be right with your little world once again! :love::love::love:

    You may always harbor ill feelings over this particular bag and if you still aren't feeling the love in a few days, send it back! :wtf: I know! After all that!

    I know how stressed out I was over my Riki for that one week it was tied up, I honestly can't even imagine what it must have been like for you. If it had happened to me I would have been over JC even before I ever owned my first bag, but now that I do have two of them (already!) I can certainly see what all the fuss is about! :yes:

    I will say though, I would be extremely hesitant to order from JC online ever again. :p
  5. Oh Robynbenz, she's gorgeous! I know what you mean about waiting so long for something tho, its kind of like all the excitment fades the longer you wait.
    But, really, that is one beautiful bag, so think carefully before you do something you might regret:crybaby: You can carry this bag year round because of the color and don't you just love the feel of the watersnake? I have a wallet that is the same color and I am loving it more all the time!

    How about some modeling pics?
  6. Wow Robyn,
    I am so happy you finally received your bag. I was ready to forage through the Ohio farmlands and skin a few snakes to make a bag for you myself!

    That said, I have to say that you have a really, really beautiful bag. I mean, it is breathtaking. It looks a LOT better than even the website's pic. You have to keep it.
  7. Oh Robyn, I'm sorry you're so blue! I'm going to use my 2,000th post to try and cheer up my old friend! :flowers:

    The whole episode was inexcusable, of course, but I don't think that deep in your heart you mean that about giving up on Jimmy Choo. Frankly, I think they should have known better, and they shouldn't even be selling an exotic-skin bag online to an overseas buyer because of all the customs issues. (I've had personal experience with customs, after ordering some regular leather bags from Mulberry in London, for instance, and even that was a bit of a hassle and extra-expensive. I'm avoiding it in the future.)

    At least your Rock bag is in good shape after all that traveling around. It looks pretty gorgeous to me, in fact! :tup: I think you're right to take a deep breath and give it a couple of days to think it over. Try and put this behind you, and concentrate on all the joy that your JC bags have brought you. Good luck!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Thank you so much Bonnie:flowers: It really means a lot to me and the funny thing is, I could actually picture you doing that:roflmfao:

    Actually, thank you all for your support and well wishes through this entire ordeal and hopefully after I have had a chance to "chill" and stare at her for a few days, maybe I will feel better about the bag and the whole experience (:hysteric: NOT) DH says to just forget about the last month and enjoy her:okay:

    For all you who have been here for me throughout my little water snake's journey Thnak you SO Much:heart:
  9. Let me clarify that I never took part in any of my Chinese family's pet slaughters for meals... :wtf: And yet, I was willing to skin a few snakes for Robyn. Scary, I can picture myself doing it too!
  10. Robyn, your bag looks really beautiful! Congratulations on finally having a successful delivery and a beautiful bag in great condition. I am so sorry you are down about Jimmy Choo right now. You have such a gorgeous collection of sexy killer JC bags! Just remember how good it has been working with Casey. I have not been thrilled with either. I feel when I have spoken ith them in the past the reps have been less than helpful and to the point of apathetic. Boutiques and dept. stores may be the way to go in the future. I am so glad you have your bag and the decision is in your hands. The Watersnake Rock did not disappoint:drinkup:!
  11. Thanks so much for all the support Samantha:flowers: You are right in the fact that I should forget about JC London and just remember all the good experiences I've had with Casey:girlsigh: I may have been hasty :shrugs:in my feelings this morning and after thinking about getting rid of my JC collection:hrmm:
    Then I remembered that I would probably not be allowed to come to your meetings if I didn't own any JC bags:banned: and you just might sic your dobie on me if I showed up without a JC bag:graucho:
    So I guess I had better keep a few bags just to be able to attend the 12 step meetings:drinkup:
  12. :nuts::nuts:Not "The Collection"!!! You can't get rid of your amazing bags! Downsize if you must, but there must be a few you still have feelings for??Regardless, you are soooo welcome at the 12 Step Meetings:drinkup:, Jimmy Choo in hand or not;).
  13. Robyn What a gorgeous bag!! :drool: I am so glad it finally arrived but sad that the whole ordeal has turned you off your precious JC collection! :crybaby:

    The JC site is powered by NAP, in fact all the paperwork/invoice that came with my purchases from were EXACTLY the same as the ones from they probably share the same customer service lines and fulfillment departments - and NAP here in London were totally unhelpful to me when I received 3 faulty Ramonas in a row! They wouldnt offer any sort of comepensation even if I had kept one of the faulty bags! Customer service in the UK is so totally NON-EXISTENT!! and DHL is crap..totally crap..we stopped using them at the gallery because of so many various problems....

    So try (I know its hard) to move past all these negative feelings (put it all down to bad British customer service) and just enjoy your beautiful Rock!! :yahoo:It is just gorgeous and more beautiful than I had expected! You have a collection TDF and a wonderful SA that I'm sure will really look out for you even more now that you've had such a terrible time.:dothewave:
  14. I am not entirely aware of the history here, but I just had to stop in and comment that that bag is absolutely GORGEOUS! OMG! Seriously, that is one of the most beautiful bags I have seen all season!

    Congratulations, and I hope you are able to just enjoy it after having such a bad experience. Just take another look at that beauty, it must make your heart melt!
  15. Robyn -- what a fantastic bag!!! It's such a nice change from leather. I think its a keeper!!!