Final bag to complete my handbag collection! Reveal!

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  1. Thank you to all the ladies who I reached out to for advice :kiss: :kiss:

    Goldie marks the completion of my handbag collection. Under 10 bags!!!!! I tried to cover all the colors I need and B30 is my absolute fav size.

    My first bag with gold hardware. Here it is B30,togo with ghw. The color is really had to capture.

    Thank you for sharing my joy!
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  2. :heart:

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  3. Congrats Rami!!!
  4. View attachment 3355208 :smile:

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  5. Matches my baby!!

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  6. Very beautiful. I want.
  7. It's gorgeous. Enjoy it in good health!! :drinkup:
  8. Have said this before - my dear, your bag collection is tightly and well curated. Many congrats and well done!
  9. Gorgeous! Congratulations! And I love your pup Would love to see a pic of your under 10 collection sometime.
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  10. Gold with ghw??!!! This is such a gorgeous classic sophisticated bag!!! Love!!! Congrats!!!
  11. wow, so classic and timeless rami, congratulations! your choices are so smart, i am so impulsive i have a lot to learn from you
  12. It's a stunning beauty! ️️️ congrats!!!!
  13. It's perfect...just like your collection :smile:
    Congratulations and can't wait to see how you wear it!!
  14. Beautiful and congrats! Great discipline in keeping your bag collection to a certain number!
  15. Congrats rami! Gold with gold is a classic! Such a great neutral! Enjoy!