Final 2 are here Chanel PNY and SV Handbag enclosed!

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  1. Here they are, my last two must have Chanel bags for Fall '06. I am in love with the Paris NY Pleated Pouch. It is a perfect dinner to evening out bag. The Square Vintage handbag (fits over my shoulder too) is sweet too. I love the shape on it. Great everyday bag. Here are some pics! :smile:

    Chanel PNY 1.jpg Chanel PNY 2.jpg Chanel PNY 3.jpg

    Chanel SV 1.jpg Chanel SV 2.jpg Chanel SV 3.jpg
  2. LUCKY GIRL - I LOVE both of them - they are great bags!!!
  3. Wow these are fab, congrats!!
  4. Goldenx5, how much were these bags - they are gorgeous! I really want one, like now!!
  5. They're beautiful:love: I love the second one the most
  6. The leather on both looks superb!! Congrats on your two new beauty!
  7. Hi Goldensx5!! Oh you have great taste!! What is the exact style name (or number) of the square vintage? I love that style!! also, could you post a picture wearing it?? thanks! Oh no! I might have to change my order to that bag instead of the tote!!
  8. I saw the pleated pouch in burgundy and black at Neiman's last Friday. The burgundy was TD4!

    Congratulations on your new bags.:yahoo:
  9. Wow!! the vintage one is TDF.. How lucky you are,Golden.. I said it once in your bag showcase but i wanna say it again. Your collection is the best...... I'm dying here with an urgent need for new bag.
  10. Both are beautiful, but the SV is beyond gorgeous! Congrats. :yahoo:
  11. and I thought I bought a lot of make me look tame..LOL....

    LOVE that vintage line...hhmmmm.....
  12. omg!! beautiful hon!!
  13. Can we get the prices on it? I want to see if I can purchase just one more bag this year...:graucho:
  14. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  15. Ooh--I love them both!