Filthy bag, seller not responding

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    Technically it would be wrong not to return the bag to the seller. I would not touch the bag. Send the bag back the same way it came. If it can go first class, send it that way (13 ounces or less).

    Or at least send her a message via eBay asking her if she wants it back.

  2. I asked eBay if I needed to send the bag back and the CSA said no. If the seller didn't respond to any of my email messages before now and to Ebay, why do you think that she would respond now???
  3. I think it is uncharted waters. Ebay's dispute process. Someone is going to challenge their process and win. You could stuff it in an envelope like she did and send it back first class mail with DC.
  4. A bit off topic but what is the point of the same claims process at Ebay & Paypal. Does ebays claim hold the Sellers funds in PP like an escalated PP claim does ?
  5. Toonces I'm so glad to hear you won your case hands down with Paypal!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: The feedback you left is very well worded, sums up the bad transaction perfectly and really serves as a good warning to future buyers.

  6. Yippee, good for you and the seller who sold and sent a FILTHY

    bag shame on them.. glad that you left negative feedback

    this selller needs to pay attention and not think they can ship

    an item is this condition and a buyer is just going to accept it

  7. glad to hear that it worked out!!
  8. I was reading some posts on ebay's T&S Board and it looks like, at times, eBay refunds the buyer without taking money out of the seller's account. Therefore you would not be expected to return the item unless eBay tells you to.

  9. Interesting.....I still can't believe that the seller never responded AT ALL. Not even to the neg. Oh well.

    Just a FYI, I took the bag to Coach to see about repairs, and they told me it was a sealant issue, and sorry Charlie. So I guess that I took the correct path doing the SNAD claim.
  10. You certainly did the right thing by filing a SNAD in this case, Toonces!!! Having to repair a bag always concerns me because sometimes it just can't be done...or done properly.
  11. If that's what they told you then I wouldn't worry about sending it back! Too bad it can't be repaired but you're right, you did the right thing by filing the SNAD for full refund instead of partial.