1. So I just bought my Groom agenda but it seems that NOBODY has 2006 Louis Vuitton refills anymore. I called 866 Vuitton and the girl suggested buying a Filofax quarterly refill for the remainder of the year. But the sizes are a bit confusing, as they don't stock 4 x 6. Does anyone know the appropriate standardized size to fit in my small agenda?

    Incidentally, if anyone happens to be around a store that still has 2006 refills to give away I would love you forever if you could pick one up and send it to me. I would pay your for shipping or whatever. But I know that's a long shot since I think they're all long gone.
  2. Pocket size!! :yes:
  3. I think I have some 06 filofax refills I could send to you at home. PM me if you need them and I will check for you. I made some for my agenda for the rest of '06 and someone gave me a free pack of filofax ones, but I prefer the ones I made! I have a pocket size hole puncher which is handy!
  4. what kind of refills do you want? I think I have a pack of week on two pages somewhere - the SA gave me both those and the day on the page, and I like the day on the page better. PM me if that is what you are looking for!
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