Filofax and pen in stores??

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  1. I am trying to buy the filofax inserts and fisher pen that Ichelle used for her pomme agenda and I was wondering if you can buy these items in stores instead of paying shipping costs

    TIA for the help! :flowers:
  2. I purchased the Filofax inserts at a book store. You can probably find them at your local stationary store. I purchased the fisher pen from the website.
  3. They sell the inserts at the Container Store, and a lot of the smaller stationers carry them.
  4. I have no idea who sells the pen in store. You could probably go on the website and find out who sells it. I ordered mine. It was minimal shipping on both filofax and fisher pen, and they came really fast.

    Did you get your Pomme agenda yet?:smile:
  5. i got my inserts from a stationary store, the expensive kind of stationary store. but the inserts were dirt cheap.
    the pen i got seperately, but i have a gold one.
  6. i believe filofax has a search option to find a place near where you live that sells their products. but aside from that, the shipping is pretty good and very quick. i ordered mine online - both the filofax + pen.
  7. The container store is a good place for items
    You can search for the Filofax stuff at the above link, but idk about the pen. It's a great pen though, I def. recommend it!!