Filling the hole in my collection

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  1. So girls, looking at my collection it's "getting there". I've bought and sold and returned and bought (true to the thread lifecycle of a coachie lol).

    I currently have

    Patent Jade Hailey (I returned the black one due to the zipper sticking)
    Camel Patent Audrey
    Khaki Large spotlight
    Peyton inlaid C tote
    Silver Madison Hippie

    The biggest "hole" in my collection is just a basic black bag. I tried to fill this void and purchased black leather audrey. I don't think that I want to buy her again I kind of feel like it wasn't meant to be if that makes sense?? I am also leaning towards something in black signature or op art. All of my bags are either leather, patent or shiny (spotlight), and I really want the bag to be casual.

    So I'm pondering these bags..

    Black siggie maggie
    Black siggie Peyton
    Black op art kristin hobo

    So? Which one should I get? The size of all of these is pretty comparable I think. I would have to ebay purchase Maggie, and the peyton and kristin are about the same price.
    I "think" that i'm leaning towards the peyton. What do you girls think?
  2. congrats!!
  3. I like the Peyton!!
  4. My vote is for black siggy Maggie! I've always admired the Maggie, for the amount of pockets. Having enough space for all your stuff to be organized is a wonderful thing, especially for an every day bag!
  5. The idea of kristin hobo in leather sounds nice. It would be classy and casual. I haven't seen a picture in the op art version just the leather though.

    Good luck, I recently realized I didn't have a plain black bag as well, and it took me a while to figure out what I wanted, but I bit the bullet and got on of the last large leather sabrinas from JAX. I'm really glad I did!
  6. I'm going to have to vote for the Kristin. I've only seen the leather version, but I really like it!
  7. Gonna have to go with the Maggie. Love all the compartments. She's a beauty!
  8. For a basic black bag, I suggest you go CLASSIC!

    Go old school, how about a willis? Nubuck bucket bag?
  9. Black op art kristin hobo!!!!!!
  10. I like the Peyton :smile:
  11. For a basic black bag...i would stay away from siggy...i might go for julianne or sabrina just in plain black leather
  12. Black siggie Maggie Just beautiful
  13. I think the Peyton is a good option but I will consider bunnymasseu's suggestion too
  14. I love my Maggie so that is my vote:smile:
  15. i'd say peyton. LOVE the shape.