Filled to the Brim....

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  1. Hey Ladies..

    Soo I have my first LV tote and I started stuffing it w/ everything I might want to put in there just to see if it would fit. In reality how full do you stuff your totes while feeling secure that your bag strap wont snap in half. I want to know when is full to full? Thanks for your help :idea:
  2. I don't own a tote but I have a papillon and usually fill it 1/2 full or 3/4 full at the most. I don't want it to get too heavy so I only bring what I need. If I own a tote, I'll probably fill it up to 3/4 full to the max.
  3. What about weight wise?, when I was in skool my backpack weighed a TON..but now im OUT.. i just carry a water bottle, wallet, phone, ipod and keys ... thats what I have in my purse. WHY DOES IT WEIGH OOHH SOO MUCH?? Maybe I need to eat some spinach like Popeye:lol:
  4. Water weighs a lot. Hee-hee.
    I carry a lot of stuff with me. In my Batignolles Horizontal I carry keys, a wallet, a makeup bag, my organizer, cell phone, hand lotion, Purell, baby wipes, kleenex, water bottle. It's pretty full, when all is said and done.
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