***FILL UP the Reference Library!!!!***

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  1. Vlad loves to make us happy:love: and he granted us a nice new Reference Forum for all those pretty baubles we have!

    Please help me fill it up!:tender:
    It's photos only, no chatting ;)
  2. Can people watermark their photos for the reference threads...don't want it to be a reference thread for counterfeit eBay sellers who steal pictures...
  3. i agree :cursing: fraudulent ebayers love coming here! and stealing [our] pics!!!
  4. Thanks Vlad, and thanks Swanky Mama for your work!
  5. OK!! Thanks for your help guys!
  6. Can I suggest a Bvlgari Thread if there is a Cartier and a VCA Thread too?

    I see some lovely Bvlgari pieces here and I think those deserve their own 'special' mention too!
  7. everyone needs to be watermarking ANY photo they ever post on tPF:yes:
    Accessorize, I meant to add a Bvlgari last night, I'll do it today!
    BTW, that butterfly ring is INSANE!!!:drool: OMG, It may need it's own thread in here!:yes: LOL!
  8. oh! And thank you guys for helping me fill it!:tender:
  9. Thank you, Swanky and thanks to Vlad. I already made my contributions. I can't wait to see what other goodies get added!
  10. Awwww....You're too kind Swanky! :yahoo: Thank you for your compliments! :flowers:

    I find the Reference threads at the Bags Forums very useful, and alot of pictures make good and inspiring material.
    I can't wait for more people to fill up the Jewelry Reference Threads that you guys have set up, so we can have more eye candy here!!! :tup:
  11. Swanky, thank you so much for your work on the new threads
    How about a thread for Fancy color diamonds ?
  12. Love you Vlad and you too, Swanky!! Thanks for all that you do!

    I'm loving all the reference threads, they will help a lot!
  13. i dont see one for rolex. i sold my rolex recently, and cant find it in any photo.... thats why i sold it... never really wore it.
    anyway, well will there be one?
    how about for franck muller swanky?

    many thanks!
  14. I think there's a watch thread. . . going to look now! :s
  15. I'll get to work on my photos this Friday! Thank you Swanky and Vlad, for the reference threads:tup: