Fill in your brows??

  1. So I've got the world's thinnest lightest eyebrows ever!! I constantly have to color them in, or else I look like what my cousin calls a "cancer patient" because my eyebrows looks completely gone! I'm always in the need to color them in!! Last night I was out with a friend, and I couldn't stop starring at her beautiful brows! She too has naturally thin thin brows, and told me she colored it in. Just wondering if anyone here colors theres in. If so, what do you use?? Before and after pictures?? TIA!:tup:
  2. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for you because I have the exact OPPOSITE problem which, believe me, is much worse! My brows have a life of their own, unibrow to the max :graucho:, I'd give anything to have naturally dainty brows like yours!
  3. Man, I feel like my eyebrows are invisible!! There's barely there so whatever i color them in with doesn't really have much hair to cling on to. So before the end of the night my eyebrow fillings are gone! :wtf:
  4. From you avatar you look like you are Asian? I suggest you try a grey colored eyebrow pencil (Shiseido makes a good one). Do light feathery strokes, never a harsh line... and you'll end up with natural-looking brows that lasts the whole day! (as long as you don't rub it...)
  5. I use Browzings by Benefit. It's a colored wax and powder set. My natural brows are pretty thin and light, too. If I get the courage, I'll take some before/after pics for you... ;)
  6. oooh please koobalover?!
  7. Have you tried Smashbox's Brow Tech? It's a powder on one side and a setting wax on the other that comes in one pot. You apply it with their application brush. It looks very natural. They can recommend the right shade for you at the counter (Nordies carries it)
  8. My brows are'nt really that thin, but when i pluck too much i use a dark brown brow powder
  9. Okay, here are a couple of quick pics. Keep in mind that this was a real quick brow-job, as I'm rushing out of the house to go Christmas shopping... I've been using Browzings for about a year and a half, and don't really have any complaints. It has pretty good staying power, too.
    Before.jpg After.jpg
  10. I hear you! I am brunette but have highlights and thick, wavy hair. Yet my brows are super light colored and skimpy, WTH??

    What works for me? Brow tinting!! it's temporary (fades after a few weeks) and it saves me a ton of time not having to worry about brow pencil in the a.m. and, god forbid, messing it up. I just use a small brush and smooth them out and I'm done!
  11. I've had a friend tattoo her brows in. It looks really natural and I was surprised when I learnt about it. Anyone else tried this?
  12. i'm asian and also have invisible eyebrows unfortunately. i'm ridiculously jealous of all my friends that have the thick full beautifully shaped eyebrows-mine will never look like that. i've always hated the look of tattooed on eyebrows, but i'd really only seen it on older women who'd gone with a black that had faded to a blue by the time i saw it-not a good look! but recently my SO's sister got it done and i have to say it looks beautiful and natural. she got a shade of brown and she's asian but it looks absolutely beautiful and seriously made me consider it myself, although it's just a little to scary/permanent for me.

    i use the anastasia brow pencil and really love it-i've tried most brow pencils, and although i hat ethe fact that i have to sharpen it, it looks the most beautiful and natural on. i believe i use it in the color brunette (don't really remember). also, i have her brow powder set, which lasts all day and looks great on as well, but i only use it when i have more time since it takes me a bit of time to get my brows perfect.
  13. I'm asian and my brows barely grow in. It sucks. I have so many baldy spaces between my eyebrow hairs. I've found that brow powder works better for me. I use the Bare Escentuals brow kit.
  14. I fill in my brows with Anastasia's brow pencil-her blond color is a great natural color, not red like many. I have also been using a product from her line that helps regrow brows that have been overplucked. Mine are an uneven shape and it is helping fill in with growth where I am uneven. It comes in a tube with a brush, and is a clear green color (clear when on). I am truly seeing some regrowth!
  15. I don't have this problem thankfully :wlae:although once when I over plucked on one side I used a pencil to fill in and you couldn't even tell. I think brown eyeshadow works too..not harsh like pencil.