Fill in the blank: "I'm ready to go. Just let me get my [blank]."


I call it a

  1. bag

  2. handbag

  3. pocketbook

  4. purse

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  1. What does everyone call their bags?

    Handbag, tote, purse, bag?

    I never, ever, call my bag a "purse". So weird.
  2. either purse or bag...
  3. I say bag, or stuff, or thingy. I say thingy for everythingy these days, because I'm losing my marble-thingies.
  4. I usually say bag but if I ever misplace my bag in my house then I'm like "where is my purse?" I don't know why, I guess it's because if I go around asking where my bag is then people are like "what bag? a shopping bag?" lol
  5. I say both purse and bag.
  6. Bag.

    I'm a Brit so I would never call a handbag a purse. A purse to a Brit woman is what American's call a wallet. A wallet to a Brit women is what a man carries.
  7. I always just say bag
  8. I actually call bag more often, but now I'm thinking to call it "Pear".
    I got a Hayden-Harnett's Ana frame bag and its shape just looked like a pear to me.
    "I'm ready to go. Just let me get my Pear." :lol:
  9. I always say bag. It's more casual, and the others sound funny to me. :biggrin:
  10. .....bag
    : )
  11. I used to say bag until I met my bf. He always says purse so now I say either bag or purse.
  12. ...bag.

    'Purse' means a coin purse in the UK. :yes:

    So, to us, this is the Coin Purse Forum! :biggrin:
  13. I have said purse or bag, but lately, I started giving them names. So now it's "let me get Jenny."
  14. This is why I LOVE this forum!
  15. I say "purse", or "bag". But if I am carrying my Kooba, I always say, "Kooba" for some reason!!!