Filipino Music- ANYONE?

  1. Any Filipino people here?

    Have you heard of MYMP?

    I just discovered their/ her music on my fiance's computer & I absolutely love it....They are unsigned I believe.​


  2. I was born and raised there. They have pretty good stuff. I love their ballads. I haven't been keeping up though since I got here.
  3. Ah cool ! Well, i burned their msuci onto a cd and listend to it over and over and over all day long while driving & at work. Hee hee :smile:
  4. MYMP songs are so cool! I love most their version of Especially For You :love:
  5. Mabuhay.
    Born and bred here in the Philippines.............
    MYMP rocks, I love their music as well.
    They have an album released here. . . . .
  6. I haven't heard MYMP.....I'll have to look them up! Btw, I'm filipino, born here in the US, hope to visit PI again soon :biggrin:
  7. urh..wat..? im losst..hehehe =D
  8. MYMP's good. most of their songs are revival. but love them nonetheless.

    download the song - i think im falling :love:
  9. Born and raised there too!:yahoo:
    but I need to check out MYMP music!:yes:
    I hope to have another long vacation in the Philippines again sometime next year!
    So miss and love it there!!!:love:
  10. GO MYMP! I fell in love with her voice!!!

    My fav is ' Tell me where it hurts"

    Especially for you - is a reaal cute song too!
  11. i love mymp! i discovered them when i went to the philippines last january. my sister bought all of their cd's. they recently had a concert in new york a few weeks ago...i couldn't go because i was working but my sister went.

  12. wow! do u think i can find their cd anywhere online for purchase?
  13. i'm a pinay, based here in hong kong but i have no clue who mymp is. anyway, will look for them online and try to listen to some songs.
  14. Love the "Tell Me Where It Hurts" song!:smile: