Filipino man found on youtube is chosen to be the singer of the band Journey*new vid*

  1. 70/80s band Journey is going on a reunion tour and the original lead singer, Steve Perry, has decided not to join them.

    The guitar player, Neal Schon, decided to look on YouTube for a new singer, and found him.

    In the Phillipines!

    His name is Arnel Pineda! (Take THAT Steve Perry!)


    Below is his YouTube video. ROCK ON ARNEL!!!
  2. Is he really singing?
  3. WOW!

    I'm a BIG Journey fan... never thought I'd say this, but this kid kicks BUTT! Kinda even looks a tad like Perry, but he really makes love to those lyrics! WOW!
  4. ^^

    I love it that they found him online too, Speedy! GO ARNEL!
  5. And I love it that YOU found it to share! :smile:

    And thanks for the original so those of the forum who weren't born yet can see the difference!:p
  6. It's funny Speedy, I usually HATE it when bands do this... but something about this guy I really like... I almost like him BETTER than Perry... (shhh don't tell any of my friends though.. heehee)
  7. love it
  8. No freakin' way!!!!

    He sounds EXACTLY like Steve! It's uncanny!

    So, is this guy is gonna start doing gigs and touring with Journey?
  9. This guy is AWESOME! Ooh I love all of Journey's songs too:jammin:
  10. Apparently so! :yes:
  11. It's not uncommon to see amazing talents from the Phillipines... look at Lea Salonga! :yes:
  12. Roo, I hear ya, I hate bands re-forming with new people. We'd gone to see Foreigner not too long ago, and the only original member was the lead singer. The actual music jus wasn't the same.

    But damn this kid is good!
  13. This is proof postive that EVERYONE is replaceable!

    Also, just imagine, without the internet this guy would have never been found! I like him alot, just in that small clip you can tell he loves singing and is really into it, not just mimicing someone else! :tup:
  14. I can just imagine how this guy feels - he must be in cloud 9...not very many talents in Manila get found this way. This is awesome:tup: