Filing a peace bond against an uncle and daughter!

  1. I recently got into an altercation with my cousin where she was the aggressor, she filed charges against me as the first person to hit the other and I know that she's done it because I have pending charges against her dad for sexually battery, is there anyway that I can file a protective order against them both?
  2. All protective orders are very hard to get...thus the problem with stalkers etc. Call the non emergency number for your local PD to file your reports, that would be the first step.
  3. Even when I have a case against my uncle?
  4. If you haven't filed a police can there be a case?
    If you have filed charges against him speak to the ADA in charge of the case, it should be much easier then.
  5. ^ She has. There's a case, against her uncle. Now she's wondering if you can file a charge against BOTH of them at the same least that's my understanding...
  6. ^This is correct.
  7. Again, your best bet is to speak to the ADA, that will be the fastest, and she/he may be able to link the two.