filing a complaint to lv?

  1. if you file a complaint, does something actual happen?
  2. file a complain to whom??
  3. ^ to the 866 number for lv
  4. You can write a letter or email. Normally they are pretty good in responding.
  5. I am sure you will get some kind of response, even if it is a standard form letter.
  6. I've filed a complaint by e-mail over the damier speedy lining problem. They were very prompt at responding--by the next morning. Are you complaining about a product or customer service?
  7. I think it depends to whom you are complaining to and about what. Written is always better, even if it is only e-mail.
  8. I want to complain about the customer service that I received today. Basically they charged me for a number of items that I didn't want, see, or request! When I asked them what the charges were for the sa didn't even know! She had to look up the bill of sale. Finally they agreed to return it, but then they asked me if I had given back all of the items! I didn't even have the shopping bag! It was still behind their counter! So basically they called me everything short of a thief! I don't know, am I just over reacting?
  9. omg I would be horrified...and never visit that boutique again
  10. ^ I've thought about that, but it's the only lv here!
  11. What?! Which lv was this? That's crazy! And then to ask you if you returned the items? Wow.:wtf:
  12. ^ it was the one in Edmonton! and the funny thing is, is that the sa's know me! ugh!
  13. That is horrid! Write to the store manager.
  14. ^ I can't the store manager did it to me!
  15. Agreed! You took the words right out of my mouth.