filene's clearance sale

  1. I went shopping with a friend and found these Fendi sunglasses for $40 with an additional 60% off. That makes them only $16!!! I found a couple of other things, like designer jeans at the clearance rack. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but are the items at Filene's Basement authentic? Those prices seem too good, but they are like another Century 21, so thoughts anyone? :confused1:
  2. I would think AUTHENTIC if from Filene's. Good finds!
  3. Filene's sells authentic stuff. Great deals! I'd love to see a pic of those Fendi sunnies! Which Filene's did you go to?
  4. It was the one at Union Square in NYC, above DSW. I didn't buy them yet, but I am thinking to go back tomorrow to take another look at them. They were not the trendy big ones, but were half- framed or so. Should I still get them anyway??
  5. If you like them, I say get them! I can't wear the really big sunglasses away - my face is too small.
  6. ohh yay thanks! Im definantely heading over there this weekend.. thanks!
  7. Fendi for 40, and another 60 % off? Honestly, It's hard to believe It's authentic.
  8. can someone tell me the address of filenes?
  9. Filene's sometimes has deals like this. I've bought Gucci sunglasses there for $15 a couple of years ago and a Prada wallet for under $100.
  10. you can get lucky there!! i've never noticed anything that didnt look authentic @ Filene' its a safe bet
  11. I went to a Filene's just two days ago, and the jeans look very suspiciously fake to me. The length of the jeans weren't right. All of the Citizens/Hudson/True Religion/Seven jeans had maybe a 32"ish inseam, and I know from trying them on at Saks that they're mostly 33-35 inches. Also, the material feels very cheap and thin. If you've tried the authentic ones on, you can appreciate the fabric and craftmanship. The Filene's basement ones only catch your eye because of the name brand on the tag, not the jeans themselves. I personally would stay away.
  12. I'm a big fan of 7 for all mankind jeans, and I can tell some of those jeans are fake. Not all, but some. So I would say stay away from them unless you can tell whether its authentic or not. I have gotten a few pairs myself.
  13. Maybe brand name sunglasses are alright to buy, just don't try to buy real jewelry there - specially on sale.

    A year or so ago, I bought a handsome gold chain on sale at Filene's that was pretty good copy of a David Yurman, then happily showed it to my DH. He was not impressed and told me he had just seen a TV expose that same evening on department store jewelry that was not as represented, ie: not real gold. Nervous, I took it to two jewlery stores to be authenticated the next day where I saw for myself that it barely made 10 K instead of the 14k it had been labeled as and that I had been told it was when I bought it.

    I had them test my Cartier wedding band as well just for comparison - there was no doubt about the results. Anyone could have seen the difference in the gold of the necklace and of the ring. It was very marked, although just to look at the necklace, you could not tell. "All that glitters is not gold."

    One store's owner told me that happened all too often and that she sat on a national quality control board for the jewelry industry which is trying to fight such dishonest practices. She encouraged me to return it and complain which I most certainly did. Filenes took it back readily saying they could not control their vendors!! I also cancelled my credit card with them.