filene's basement

  1. Im going to the filene's basement in wash dc this weekend. anyone have any coupons or no any other great/cheap places to shop in the area.
  2. No coupons, but if you're going to the one in Mazza Gallerie, there are TONS of great stores in the area. Just walk out onto Wisconsin Avenue. Have fun shopping! If you find anything great, let us know.
  3. Filenes usually have discount copouns... Make sure you do walk up Winsconsin Avenue.. They have a new Dior,Jimmy Choo and LV Boutique.. and make sure you make it to Tysons corner mall.. And if you have a minute- stop off at Anne Arundel Mills Shopping Center.. They have a new Neimans last call- got some great PRADA pumps there last week for over 80% off.. They also have OFF Saks outlet right next door..
    PM me if you need any other info.. I'd be glad to help...