Filenes Basement

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  1. I went last week and cannot beleive I forgot to post this. The one at the NS mall had some ergo wallets for 88 dollars, also a legacy leather wallet in natural and some other wallet that was laced and I think denim. They also had a few Signature Multi Stripe Diaper type bags or maybe they call it a multifuncion bag I think they had 2. They had some other coach things in the "Vault"
  2. awesome! thanks for the info! I heard about that store before and I dont think we have one in Michigan.. i've only seen it on, on What not to Wear.. the send the contributers there all the time..

    i wouldnt think they would have had coach tho.. thats good to know!
  3. I figured it was local. The one in downtown Boston which is the original is being renovated right now. This is where hundreds of brides -to- be attack one another every year for their dream gowns in Filenes annual wedding gown extravaganza sale. It must be hilarious to watch !
  4. Yeah, that's where I got my Legacy laced denim wallet, and they also have some canvas Alis, denim, and other things! Mine also had a couple of the Legacy leather wallets too...but no bags in that.